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Any ideas what font this is please?

Hi all,

Trying to find this font for remaking someone's business card - the V is probably the most easily distinguishable character, and the S.


Any help gratefully received.
Hello there! You're in Bridport - I spend a lot of time round that way, mainly West Bay for the beach. Glad to meet you. And yes, the font isn't very nice, the V seems almost like it's from another typeface entirely - but it's the one the client wants reproducing so...


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Well I'd love to meet up for a drink some time or just at least to say hi. Nice to see more quality designers in the immediate area. By the way the Franks branding.... spot on :icon_clapping:
Yeah that'd be great...I'll ping you a msg soon and meet up for a drink, awesome. And thanks for the kinds words...I love your branding work too, excellent stuff...who knew such talent resides this far south eh?!


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We actually have some really fantastic agencys around. Revolting in dorchester, Wonderland in weymouth to are the real standouts.