Any idea about the difference between digital marketing and advertising?


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I am looking for advertising agency for my new website. I have a problem understanding the difference between advertising and digital marketing. I have give quotation for these two things advertising and digital marketing. But in actual what is the difference between them? I have gone through all of the best resources that I can see on search but still having confusion differentiating them.

If anyone can explain me what is the difference between advertising and digital marketing?
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I've removed all the links, they look like you're trying to spam us.

As to your question... at a very basic level:

Advertising - newspaper, magazines, radio and tv (although radio and tv might also bleed into digital marketing these days) that type of thing

Digital marketing - spamming forums with links that get deleted, spam emails, facebook/instagram/twitter and other social media, online advertising like google etc


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Digital marketing is just a buzzword.

Everything you do is marketing, makes no difference if it’s online or offline. Some of it will be effective some of it won’t. You won’t know which bits work until you try.

Advertising is where you pay someone to display your marketing content. Advertising is a subset of marketing. Digital marketing is the marketing you do online or via other IT channels (eg: LCD screens in shops and railway stations).