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Any good healthy breakfast suggesstions?


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Right I was wondering if any one has any good suggestion for breakfast, but please, please, please include ingredients and cooking instructions as I'm new to cooking and think varying recipes means adding carrots to it, that and as I'm new I tend to stick to the same dishes to get them right. The amount of times I've had sue-shi for breakfast instead of cooked fish....well.

So I'll start off with a few ideas.

Baked haddock with Swiss grilled cheese.
Place 2 haddock fillets, 4 for £5 from Asda, in a baking dish with 100ml of preferably full fat milk, add freshly chopped parsley and chives on top of the fish, I have my herbs growing in my window box in my kitchen, place foil over it and put holes in the tin foil. Place in a pre-heated oven 4 30mins at 190.

Once 27 mins is up turn on the grill to max.
At 30 mins take out, drain the milk and grate 50g of Swiss or French cheese, Edam, Emental or President, over the fish.

Cheeses are £1 a block from Asda, place in the grill for 30-50 seconds remove and enjoy.

Full of protein from the fish and Cheese, plus 1 of your 2 portions of fish a week.

Carb content of meal 4.7g from the milk, but more like 1g as you drain most of it, and will only have what's absorbed by the fish.


Crack 4 large eggs, here you can chose your toppings, I prefer 3 rashers of bacon, and 50g of cheese, due to the protein from the eggs, 6g per egg, cheese, and bacon, easily gives you over 40g's just from breakfast. Or you could go with mushrooms and onions or what ever really.

Add 100ml of full fat milk to the 4 eggs in a jug, whisk to an even consistency, melt 25g of butter in a frying pan, I prefer olive oil due to the added minerals and anti-oxidants it gives you but what ever, heat the butter.

Once the butter is heated add the contents of the jug to the pan, and sprinkle some herbs, I tend to go with fresh basil, add a pinch of salt and a pinch of black pepper as well.

Wait till it goes hard and then with a spatula test the sides to see if the bottom is firm. I then add my ingredients, bacon, grill first though and chop up, and grated cheese. I then fold the omelette in half and cook for another min, my other half flips it in the pan to cook that little but more, both sides before adding the toppings, but I suck at that, and wella serve.

Carb content of meal, 4.7g from the milk, can vary slightly if you add veg, protein about 40-50g depending on ingredients, same as a protein shake which tend to contain loads of carbs, but you also get the goodness from the eggs and other toppings, full protein strains as well so it is better, as less carbs and less than 10min cooking time.

Poached egg

Place vinegar and water in a frying pan, bring to boil then turn down the heat.
Crack 3-4eggs, preferably free range, and place in the pan but try to keep the egg whites close together.
Wait 3-4mins for the egg yolks to go white, remove with a perforated spoon and serve with some 1 slice of wholemeal toasted bread covered with butter.

Carb content 17g with 1 slice of bread, 0g with no bread.

Scrambled egg.

Start the same as an omelette and add to a pan in butter or olive oil, then add herbs.

This time stir from the outside into the middle constantly until the egg goes fluffy, turn the heat down to stop it sticking, for roughly 4 mins, then remove and serve.
I normally do 3 rashers of bacon to go with, grilled of coarse and normally put them on the same time I start to cook the egg.

Protein again dependant on eggs used and amount of bacon but can be around 20-30g, carbs again from the full fat milk. 4.7g.

Boiled Egg.
Again boil eggs in shells for 15-20mins take out peel and eat, really good source of protein and no carbs.

I'm going to anticipate Tim's funniness and go with
Get bowl, add cereal, add milk, get spoon and eat.

Carbs 70-100g/bowl, protein 5-8g so no!!!!!!

Any suggestions and what works for you in the mornings?
Anything to enhance my recipes?



I usually just have a couple of weetabix and some banana with either low fat natural yoghurt or semi skimmed milk... :)


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Fella I thought you were the fellow health nut???? :(

Weetabix contains ~ 68.4g of carbs/100g, protein 11.8g
Semi-skimmed milk ~ 5g of carbs/100ml, 3.3g of protein
Banana ~ Complex carb so 30g per banana.

Giving you a total of 103.4g of carbs and 15.1g or protein, before you have any snacks, your insulin levels will go through the rough fella.

I would change to full fat milk though as Vit C. which you get in milk is a fat soluble Vit. so you need the fat for your body at time of intake for your body to absorb it and therefore use it.

On the upside it's good for your heart.

But thanks for adding dude, much appreciated. :)



I just have that sort of thing generally.. sometimes toast.. Its never a large breakfast for me...

I'm not an overwhelming health nut to be honest :) but I like to try to be a bit healthy :)

oh and I always have a cup of coffee.. black no sugar :D need my caffeine fix :D LOL


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Awww no sugar good dude and 2 pieces of toast equals 34grams which is better, 17grams a slice, I know I'm sad and wondering why no 1 wants to be my friend any more. :cry:


I'm your friend Jaz :D

yeah always no sugar or milk :) hmm well I make my own bread too .. I wonder if that makes it any better :p


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Aww I have got 1 back, yey me, lol.
You make your own bread????
No...but that's impressive none the less, as your still using wheat/corn which gives it it's carbs, but still dude impressive.


I have a bread maker :) so its nice and easy to make a wholemeal loaf or a white loaf or some bread rolls :)


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chrismitchell said:
awww I miss coco pops :)
I dont normally go for chocolate in the morning, but as a birthday present someone who follows my twitter misunderstood my excitement over high school musical chocolately wholegrain stars as I love chocolate breakfast cereal. So I got lots of chocolate cereal for my birthday.

Its not all bad, I like cereal.


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I'm looking for mainly protein and low carb meals TBH, but I'll give it a read, anything to improve my knowledge has got to be good. :)

And Berry WTF????
Loving it dude, but chocolate for breakfast guys????
Err....yeah, lol.