Any feedback or pointers for a "new" designer :-)


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Im new to the forum and would really love a little bit of feedback from people who know what they are talking about.

Im in kind of a difficult and unusual position at the moment as i just sort of fell into the design industry about 10 years ago. Im 29 now and in university with a group of 19 and 20 year olds which is a bit strange for me but I love it. Juggling studying between work and 2 little boys aged 3 & 4 has been tough but really enjoyable.
I was always interested in advertising from about the age if 14/15 but didn’t really know what kind of career i could pursue and at the time in school Graphic Design wasn’t an option to study and to be honest i don’t even really think i knew it existed, then when i was 19 i was lucky enough to land a job in a small publishing house making layouts and adverts for magazines. I had no experience and as i was replacing an out going designer i did not have the chance to learn from anyone and basically had to teach myself everything and learn as i went along.
After about 8 years of learning about the publishing industry and teaching myself as much as I could in my spare time i began to realise that i was more of a paste up artist than a real graphic designer so i decided to go and study to obtain the qualifications to go along with my experience and hopefully further my career. My employers were fantastic and allowed me to work my hours around my studies and work from home at night or like you say the early hours.

Unfortunately in August just as i started my 2nd year of a 3 year course the publishing house closed down and I have been left with a decision to either pack in uni and find a full time job or try and struggle it out for the next 2 years trying to get bits of work wherever i can around studying. I think this current brief we have been given in uni could work out great for me as it will give me a chance to work on my personal branding which may also help me to forge a career as a freelance designer so i really want to make it as good a it possibly can be. I have just used Muse for the first time to make my site which is

I would really love it if anyone can give me some constructive criticism on the work i have on my site and let me know if any projects are particularly strong or weak. Its always nice hearing that my stuff is cool from friends and family but i think the opinion of designers holds a lot more weight so that is all I'm really after should anyone have the time.

Thanks in advance my website is and i also have some stuff on behance.


I have looked at the portfolio on your website. I think the designs look really good. I especially liked the one with the boxers. Also from your post, it's very obvious that you have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to graphic design. I hope you succeed with your career as a freelance designer.