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Any designers use Backboard for feedback?


Active Member
Hi Gareth,

Not seen that one before, looks like a scaled version of BaseCamp, not that I've used either of those systems so I could be barking up the wrong tree with that statement!

We had a similar thread on project management tools a while back - http://www.designforums.co.uk/runni...elancing/134-new-project-management-tool.html

Would be interested in hearing from anyone who uses these types of tools in their everyday project management and how effective they are for project/time management.

I've used it on a magazine job where I need comments from the Editor, Sub Editor, Sub Editors Tea maker, the cleaner etc. It is good does pretty much what it says on the blurb. I'd recommend it if you want to be sure how your stuff get's viewed, so they arn't trying to open jpegs in Paint or something. However getting clients to get the head round it can be difficult 'can't you just email it to everyone?' tends to be the answer.
Thanks for your views on this Russell, I might trial it and see how my clients get on with it, then decide if I'll keep it longtime.