Any advice for my website?


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Hi, everyone. I have designed a website geared for distance runners, as I'm a professional runner - it's what I know. I've designed 2 other sites, and am self-taught (I studied philosophy in school), but have come to enjoy learning web design - and being creative in this respect.

Could anyone offer me some criticisms regarding my website. I have worked on it fairly consistently for about a month - and I think I could use a few pointers. Don't worry about my feelings...Anything that helps me learn is a good thing.

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I would take a look at the way you've laid the information out. At the minute the overall design is really nice, the way the information is laid out is confuding and hard to read to read.

Do a search for 'wordpress magazine themes' these are good examples of ways to structure content on a page, especially dynamic content like yours.


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Sorry if you saw what was posted here a minute ago - it was meant to be posted on another DF topic.

Anyway, that aside....

The extra width that is coming from your footer is really annoying me - it adds a bottom scroll bar to my browser which is never a good thing on a 20inch screen ;)

I love the overall colour scheme but do agree that your layout could do with a bit of work.

Rather than ahving all of those links at the bottom of your page, I would have a seperate links page with a sentence beside each one.



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I'm going to work on the layout. I've been told it was difficult to read, and since then I've worked on some of the typography, the spacing, the font, and color. Believe it or not but it is better than it was. But I still see what your talking about - it is still not exactly easy to read. I wonder if it has something to do with the background color, as opposed to the general layout? Perhaps both.

Also, I'm working the footer. That is annoying that it adds the scroll at the bottom. I hate that too.

It's always a work in progress.

Thanks for the advice and any future advice as well.


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I've spent a little time on it your suggestions, and I wanted to ask if I'm heading in the right direction. I've changed a number of things, which will hopefully allow the typography room to breathe.


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Once again - I like it, but your page is still too wide for most browsers...

This would be the first thing on my list to change.