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Anti-charity poster

The brief was to create an A2 poster that communicates that charities are self serving/greedy and have no real understanding of the people they claim to serve.

on the brief we were also given an example of a charity which only gave 1% of its donations to good causes, so i decided to base my poster on the money side of things.

I am thinking of changing it around a bit, maybe adding more things that the money goes through, silly things that may seem absurd but true in some cases.

I am also going to change the paragraph of text as it just generalizes one charity, when i need to generalize all charities.

I have included a close up of the key, as you cant really see it in the first picture.



Senior Member
I like it quite a lot. Well executed. :up:
I would change the tagline to "your money doesn't always go where you might think" because right now it seems as if all of the charities are just a hoax.
yes they are $ signs, the poster will be A2 in real life so you would see them.

I cant get the full size one up as it messes up when i upload it.


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Nice work, agree with Kevin on adding 'always' as it seems to be pointing the finger at all charities currently, which would probably be an unfair assessment based on research from just one campaign?

Another area where people may think money goes astray is in administration of charities, so perhaps you could have a section for that? Might make more sense than Food & Luxury?

Hope that helps.
You could add in the collection companies, chuggers, etc. A lot of the time they're a separate company hired by the charity, so their cost comes in before the charity's own admin costs.