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Another weekend, another photo opportunity


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Hey guys, probably sick and tired of me posting photos by now :) well, sorry but here I go again :) ... this weekend found me at Evesham Balloon / Air Festival. The day consisted of Classic cars, hovercraft and Hot Air Balloon rides, for the fortunate and wealthy :)

The evening consisted of live music, beer tents, music and lighting effects provided by the burners of the air balloons.

So was a great day and night to get some photos,

Evesham Balloon Festival 2010 - a set on Flickr

Think I will be saving up, to go on a balloon ride with my camera some time soon!



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Cheers chap, not sure if that wasn't a fluke hehe, was in a rush to get the camera out and into action, as hot air balloons to my surprise gain altitude very quickly.


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Saw this when you first posted it but rushed out and didnt have time to comment.

Not sure what your view is on Photoshopping your photos but this would be even MORE PERFECT if you cloned out the balloon appearing from behind the largest one!

ood effort on them all!


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Some lovely photos... looks like it was a very nice day and what an interesting subject for your photos. I like the ones where you can see the balloons next to the people - it puts into perspective how big they are!


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thanks for the comments guys,

@ phil - the thought did cross my mind, but on reflection, that photo is the moment as it was, so perhaps it really should be left as i saw it... argh! no you got me questioning what is seen and what should be seen! dam you lol :) heheheh

@ ally - Would have loved to have managed to get some more people - balloon shots, I turned up late to the event and in a rush, by the time I got my camera out and settled, a lot of the balloons where already taking to the sky.

There are a few more summer events coming up in my area, so now doubt ill post some more soon :)
The horizon is a tiny bit too close to the middle, making the composition slightly off IMHO. Still looks great though! Love the shadows and contrast in the grass. And the grass close to you gives a nice sense of depth.


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thanks for your comments guys,
there is a medieval weekend coming up soon, in a town a few miles away from where i live, so hoping to get some battle re-enactments photographed, Knights in armour and all that!