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Another Newbie

Hi everyone,

My name is Philip Nanson, I'm 24 years old and I'm from Leicestershire.

Back in 2013 I set up Local Business Printing, a digital and Litho print company.
We offer a range of different products, ranging from business stationery to printed door hangers and Branded Packaging to Folded Tent cards.

We use some of the industries latest printing equipment and technology and can produce High quality printing at affordable prices with fast turnarounds.

My reason for joining this forum, and many others is too seek out new clients within the graphic design industry, ie designers who are currently print reselling and those that are looking to start selling print.

If you wish to find out more about my website please visit: Local Business Printing - Digital & Litho Printing Company

Kindest Regards
Philip Nanson
LocalBusinessPrinting.com | Digital & Litho Print Company

Tony Hardy

Welcome along Philip. It would be nice to see you involved in some of the conversations :) I nearly deleted your other post as spam ;)

Sean Lee-Amies

Hi Philip! Welcome to Design Forums :)

All printers seem to have the fastest turnaround, offer almost every type of print product imaginable and at affordable prices... My question to you is, why should we stop using our current printers and use yours instead, what's the number one reason?

I'm curious to know why you went with a description for your business name rather than, well, an actual name. Purely for SEO purposes?
Good morning guys,

Tony: Thanks for not deleting my other post. I'm looking forward to getting involved by giving any advice people may need regarding print, whether it be what printing techniques to use for a specific job, pantone colour suggestions, you name it, i will try and advise where needed.

Sean: I will give you the same answer that i have to every other potential client that has asked me that and it's Personal Service. The fact is as everyone knows, if it weren't for my customers, then my business wouldn't be here, so we look after our customers in every possible way we can. If a customer has uploaded artwork with a spelling mistake, then we get in touch with them and notify them to change it, we won't just print it. If someone is in need of a same day dispatch order and as it happens we have a spare slot on a print run, we offer that slot at the same price, we won't charge through the roof and take advantage of their situation. If someone is unsure what colours to use, then we will print a couple of free sample sheets for them. This may not sound a lot to the one reading this now, but when your in their situation, the service we offer really goes that extra mile and that is why we have gone onto supplying some of the countries most well known companies/organisations including Ford, Costco, The Chamber of Commerce and Leicestershire County Council.

Regarding my business name, well i just offer printing services for local businesses ;)


Sean Lee-Amies

Actually I think your added personal touch is very refreshing, and it's nice to see a print company go that little bit further to help their clients. I especially like the offer of free samples, it can be hugely daunting to okay a large print run without being able to see what it looks like.

What surprises me the most is how much you seem to care about your business and its clients, it really feels like you have put a lot of thought into it all. What you said is the perfect way to summarise your brand, and yet, when I look at your current brand, especially the business name, it just says generic print company with no seemingly obvious values or reasons as to why people should choose you over your competitors.

Do you "just offer printing services for local businesses", or do you provide professional print services to customers and clients (Ford, Costco etc...!), focusing on a hassle free, friendly and professional experience?

I'm not necessarily trying to sell you branding services, I'm just curious about how you feel about it all from the perspective of a business owner.