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Another New Person...


Junior Member
Hi everyone, my name's Tom. I work part-time doing design and artwork for a large format printer. I also have my own freelance business which I started a few months ago, so I'm hoping to get some advice and have people to talk to about the scary world of freelancing!

My background's in graphics, but my day job wasn't giving me much opportunity to do any quality design work. I've become increasingly interested in vector illustration over the last few years, which seems to be more successful for me. I'm starting to get some better graphics jobs in too, now that I can target my own customers through my business.

Here's my website www.tom-holmes.co.uk. I've got a few more recent projects to add to it when I get round to it, too!


Active Member
Good evening/morning Tom, welcome to Design Forums :)

Really nice portfolio of design & illustration work, the vector work for iStock is great, I'm sure you'll have no troubles picking up extra clients in future months. How long have you been putting your vector work on iStock? Have you had a lot of success with it? Your illustration style reminds me of another member here, Scotty.

Hope you enjoy the forums.
Thanks, Greg


Junior Member
Been doing iStock for just over a year, though I have less than 30 files on there to show for it! It's done really well though, which gave me the kick-start to think that there is a market for my work out there. There's a lot of friction on iStock at the moment over changes to the percentage we'll be paid from now on, but I'm finding it a good source of extra income. If I don't have any jobs in it means I've always got something to be working on which will pay off in the longterm.