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Another "My new business cards" thread


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After a few people here posted their new cards it pushed me to get mine done and they arrived today! Just thought i'd share them with you all. I have to say i'm very pleased with them :)



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Thanks guys.

Mike, with style like mine no need to change :lol: kidding

You’re right and wrong there... It’s changed a fair bit over the years but I’ll admit with this I’ve revisited my early days after seeing one of my old CV and folios from uni used in a blog on how to make a good first impression. I was chuffed to see work I had done (when I still had soo much to learn) was used as a good example of how it should be done so that pretty much sparked off what I’ve done with my new stuff.


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glenwheeler said:
They look ace mate, nearly as swish as Harrys over at CSS Wizardry...nearly..lol
Glen, man! You can't be saying sh*t like that lol ;)

Loving those though mate, esp the fronts!