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Another hello from London

Hi there,

My name is Soeren Aarlev and I just found this forum yesterday (thanks for the invite Greg :)), so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm originally from Copenhagen, Denmark but now live and work in South East London.

I started out in the creative world as a Graffiti artist which then later got me interested in Graphic and Web Design. I've taken a few short design courses but I didn't go to university as I wanted to go backpacking instead for a few years in South East Asia.

I was lucky to find a job as a Web Designer here in London and have worked here for about 2 years now. I also do a few freelance projects on the side. When I'm not designing I'm an avid record collector and DJ/turntablist. And I take off travelling whenever I get the chance.

Great forum. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Active Member
Hi Aarlev,

Thanks for joining and posting an introduction, glad you could make it :)
Sounds like you've had an interesting background leading you to your current position as a web designer, look forward to hearing more from you.