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andy - printing4designers.co.uk

hi everyone, i'm andy from printing4designers.co.uk

i already run a printing business in bolton and i'm going online under a new brand, my tagline:

"Trade printing for everyone, no account setup, no membership fees... just high quality printing at trade prices for everyone!"

suggestions, partnerships, advice all accepted!

cheers peter... do you do print?

interested in print? there's another element to the website (in the pipeline as ever!), whereby users can sell their artwork direct to the client (we shave off a fee mind you, not huge!).... so they get a decent design and the print all from the same place.... instead of:

- going to get it designed and then uploaded or the graphic designer having to do this for them
- getting a crappy template design and print from... ahem... nowhere near the glorified vista

and perhaps (yes i just thought of this one now) designers can link off to our websites once people see whats for sale on their sites (designs etc)

any suggestions welcome!