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Andy Carroll


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Seeing as though the big Georgie has signed for my local team, I thought Id get the thoughts of the North East DF crew. Theres loads of you on here from that neck of the woods so what do people think of the guy? Is he gonna be a legend or is he more likely to go off the rails? Anyone met him or heard first hand stories of what he is like?


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At £35 million they couldn't say no! How many premier league appearances has he made? 19 was it? It's a big gamble but you never know, it could pay off :)

Dave, assuming you've forgotten about El Nino now, and happy with Suarez' debut last night?


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Yeh Greg I was impressed with Suarez, I was really excited when he signed, felt sorry for the lad when his move got overshadowed by Torres/Carroll. I was gobsmacked we paid that much for andy Carroll, it's way too much but I can't wait to see him play, he looks like a giant! Just hope he doesn't get distracted by the orange girls of Liverpool and our vast array of nightclubs!
See although I am impressed with Suarez and can't understand why he wasn't snapped up by anyone sooner, I just think Caroll has been hyped far too much. £35 million is A LOT of money for someone who is worth at most £8 million. As much as I love the sport, football has gotten out of hand. Considering Zidane at one point was the most expensive player purchased at about £46.5 million or so and now Caroll has been snapped up for £35 million.