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And it's Hello from Me

Hello everyone,

I joined a couple of days ago because I am interested in becoming a designer (of some description) but don't seem to be able to focus on any one area where I can achieve a good standard. I have dabbled, not seriously to date, in both graphic and web design and have sold a couple of websites a few years ago. However, I'm very aware that they are average at best (maybe, my understanding this, is a step in the right direction).

I hope that by joining this community, and immersing myself in the superb examples I have noted here, I will be inspired to produce good work; work that will eventually meet a professional standard.

I'm Bob btw :)


Active Member
Welcome aboard Bob.
Thanks for posting an intro, do you have a site at the moment? Or a portfolio online somewhere?

Hope you enjoy DF :)
Hi Greg.

Thanks for the welcome Greg :). I was working on a site a couple of years ago but didn't really do anything with it. It's still there http://www.d2o.co.uk/ but not much of it is working. I think I realised at the time that I needed to do a lot of work to get to a salable standard and then got distracted with other things. The only thing I ever sold was Priory Windows & Conservatories but I don't know what possessed me to use the model on the banner and nothing to do with windows. Live and learn eh?