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An Olympic London 12 Initiative

Hi everyone,
We are launching an experiment for the Olympic Games next year and i'd appreciate the support of the kind folk of GDF!

Here's a little summary:

Toppers Print and Design Ltd are producing an ENORMOUS good luck card that we will be delivering to the Team GB athletes who will be competing at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

To take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity and show your support for the athletes of Team GB at the games just post your name, location and a message of support. We will then hand write your name, location and some of the messages onto the ENORMOUS card and take photographs of it as it progresses, tagging in everyone who has contributed.

Show the athletes your support and lets make history, together!

Phase 1: -
1,000 messages = Concepts for the front cover of the card will be designed for you to vote from.

Phase 2: -
3,000 messages = The way that we will be delivering the card to the athletes of Team GB will be revealed! (You don't want to miss out on this)

Phase 3: -
5,000 messages = Production of the card and the tagging of contributors messages that have been hand written onto it.

If we get enough interest we are planning on introducing a charity so that businesses can sponsor the initiative and gain exposure in return for their donations.

Please support us we'd really appreciate it... plus if it works you'll be making history!

Link here:
Sign the enormous "Good Luck Team GB at London 2012" card. - Cause | Facebook