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An off-topic not so off-topic chat. - Comic Book Art.

Hello everybody,
I'm a female illustrator particularly interested in comic book illustration.

I work on a few projects with writers but recently I have wanted to start my own venture.
A more personal project in a different style to my usual.
I am a little nervous and I figured a little bit of artistic advice/critique would do me good.

This is my first draft, to give you some flavour.
What are your first impressions? Good bad? Yawn? Should I stick to what I know?

Any words are appreciated :)
(Sorry if this was totally the wrong place to post this. I've been away for a while)


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The artwork looks nice, quite Noir as Levi said. In just a few panels I get the impression of a young woman in the middle of a dilemma, perhaps something she's been struggling with for a while and is just about coming to the point of dealing with. Either that or it's her first ever smartphone. I'm not sure about the font, or the black on purple, but that's probably because I'm seeing it out of context. Punctuation and grammar might need some work. Do you have any more pages/panels to share, Harri?
Hey guys! Thank you for the comments! I love that you mentioned the noir feel, it's exactly the limited colour palate I'm going for :)

And thanks for pointing out the text, so glad you mentioned it because I couldn't really see it before, but always thought something was off.
I want it to look a little like "Facebook-esque" I think I am gonna switch the font from black to white and mimic the font a little more.


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Sounds good, Harri. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Does social media feature heavily in the plot or the core themes of the story? Or if the Facebook look purely an aesthetic choice?
I will post some more panels soon :)

Social media is a recurring strong theme throughout the story yeh.
People tell you to write what you know best, so for me that's the unrelenting addiction to social media, indecision, heartbreak and how to have fun in your mid 20's on a part time wage and a struggling ambition haha.