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An issue with an inactive DIV behind another DIV


Senior Member
I'm in the process of designing a website. Click here to see it.

At the top right of the page is a rollover button that says "Buy tickets now! Click here". This button should be horizontally in line with "12th 13th 14th May".

It doesn't move into place when I try to do so. Additionally, when I do get it at least a little more in line than it is currently, the rollover function no longer works because it's "behind" the header.png image.

I've tried adding a z-index attribute to the CSS, but that did not nothing.

I'm wondering if you could take a quick look at the code and help me figure out what's wrong with it.

Thanks very much.


Active Member
Hey Neil,

on line 63 - #buytickets
try adding ....

position: relative;top: 88px;

ps. roll over is working fine for me in ff.