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Amazon MP3 Music Downloads


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Hi all,

Just heard that Amazon has moved into the world of music downloads, offering singles from 59p and albums from £3 its looking set to give iTunes some competition.

Amazon.co.uk: MP3 store - DRM-free MP3 music downloads

The new music store will offer more than 3 million songs that will work on any digital music player, including Apple's iPod.

The move puts Amazon in direct competition with Apple for a stake in the growing market of online music sales, which in Britain alone was worth an estimated £163m in 2007.

Sony BMG Music Entertainment's UK chairman, Ged Doherty, said the launch could only be good news for the music industry.
I've purchaed the odd tracks from iTunes, but never really got into downloading albums, would personally prefer to have the physical product, even though I have an iPod Shuffle I tend to just use that for audiobooks and Ricky Gervais podcasts!


I think this is awesome. As long as newely signed bands aren't getting ripped off due to the low profit margins I think its about time iTunes got a run for its money.

Take that Steve Jobs!


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Yeah, I can definately see where you're coming from, Greg. Having the physical album is usually better than the electronic copies of your music, in my opinion - just in case your computer unnexpectedly rampages and shuts down. You'd still have all your music in-tact. ;D

I mean, of course, you could buy an external hard drive, or something of the like, and just copy songs onto there. But the idea of transfering songs every time you buy a song seems overwhelming...

My two cents, anyway. Cheers,

` Skipper


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Yeah I agree with that, there's just something about spending the money out for an album that I prefer to have a physical product, and I can't see that changing anytime soon.

Will be interesting to see how Amazon MP3 goes down, as far as I know iTunes/Apple haven't made any announcements about any price cuts to compete. Would be good to see Amazon building a decent back library of albums & tracks at similar prices.