Amazing Story


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Miss Birdy just linked me this as I aint been on DF all day and I can truly say that this is one of the most touchign websites I have ever seen. Its truly amazing, the story, how he has captured his father in the photos is absolutley amazing and displaying the site in the way he has is just out of this world, great find greg do you know the guy who did this? Obviously his son but do you know his name etc?


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It's an amazing piece of work, and very brave of the artist to share it. To me it shows how important and rewarding it can be to get to know your parents as people, something very few people gt to do.


Oh my gosh that choked me up completely. What a lovely thing to do. The bit at the end about them being together in Paris, so lovely.


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Didn't want to say too much in the opening post as I literally stumbled onto it earlier, and didn't want to take away any of the impact for anyone else by reading about it too much first, if that makes sense.


Nice story. Lovely images. I've seen photo-journal type sites before, but the way this one is presented just works so well.


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Powerful stuff there made even more powerful with the great photography.

Hats off the the creator, we find it moving reading it, can you imagine how he felt writing it and putting it all together.