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am i a complete idiot?


Senior Member
okay so times are hard and my mind is opening to these 'MAKE A MILLION BUCKS ONLINE IN 0.2 SECONDS!' scams..

is this a scam? even if it doesnt work i dont see a great loss in 1 dollar something.. but i dont really want to put my bank info in there right away.. i dont understand how that works..

https:// secure0.s3curehost.com/gophuk/payment . asp


Senior Member
read the terms and conditions.

alot of those sites claim it's $1.99 for example and charge you $50 a month with no way of stopping the contract for the next 36/48 months.

i've seen it worse than that before, one site saying $900, one saying $750, it depends, just read read read the terms otherwise you'll fail.


Senior Member
it wasnt actually a trick question heh.. it just seems im very quick to label any sort of offer a scam.. and i wondered if anyone had actually tried this, thanks for the replies guys :)

has anyone heard of yournetbiz? (I did slap the scam label all over it, more than most things, but has anyone actually looked into it??)