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also back from the dead


Senior Member
I'm back too. although this time i'll be more viewing than posting anything, i thought i'd say i was back.

i unfortunately/fortunately no longer work for apple either, just thought i'd drop that in.

see you around!


Senior Member
I bet Steve's just making you say that, he's sitting right next to you, isn't he? :hat:

Good to have you back


Senior Member
haha no never again will i work in retail. maybe.

retail is a very hard environment to feel valued. i'm just satisfied in saying that i know I was very good at my job (as douchey and cocky as that sounds).

i'm now just floating, only been unemployed 5 days, feeling weird from not having something pushing me to get up each day!

i'm trying to get back in to things i've always liked, like photography, development, annoying berry... slowly.