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Already Broken?


Well-Known Member
New Years resolutions... anyone made any? Anyone broken them yet?
Last year I probably resolved to lose weight. Did that. New resolution is to draw more. Do more personal stuff when work slows down and draw, draw, draw.


Senior Member
last year i made promises to go to more gigs and move to london.

both i already had planned. so that worked out well.

this year it's to drink more coffee and spend less cash. they don't go hand in hand. coffee it is.

Tony Hardy

Mine is to lose 4 stone in weight. Got the treadmill on the go every day now haha! I hate the gym :(
My resolutions are:

1) to participate more in forum chats (I'm typing this so that one's going ok)
2) to draw more also (honest!) my first love which I often neglect (have been sketching all day so also going well)
3) not to stress about deadlines, especially the impending deadline for three labels I'm currently designing, however as I've been drawing all day instead of working on them I'm stressing more about this deadline then I was before

so I guess two out of three for me, not too bad

Tony Hardy

My professional New Year resolution was to improve my web design abilities and learn to build whole sites and Wordpress sites from scratch. Made some good headway but the field is so big, I often get sidetracked.


I have decided not to bother with new years resolutions, instead I will just live a productive and positive life all year round! This seems much more sensible, lol.

Matt Harle

I've made a few; Move to London, try to cut back on spending, and join a gym. Although I'm not so sure about cutting back on spending!