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Almost ready fantasy RPG!


New Member
Hello guys!

We are a team of indie game devs, who have been working on a fantasy, multiplayer, role playing game for almost a year now. It is called Divine Warfare and the features we are aiming for are fair combat system, free to play (and strictly not pay to win), PvE, PvP with selective fights in arenas, RvR with teamplay engagement of groups in a war zone and RTS style building.

After having done a lot of the fundamental things, we are finally getting to making the actual gameplay features. First of them, the capture zones, has been added and that basically means that the game is playable from now and will be more playable with every update.

Before we can make the game available for download and alpha testing (which could take one or two months), we need to polish several things:

* The game needs an overall design style / face.
* A matching logo.
* A matching web UI design (no coding knowledge required) according to our wireframes.
* A matching game UI design (no coding knowledge required) according to our wireframes.
* A little bit of rigging and animation (3D art).

And a help from C++ experienced person would also speed things up.

Since we are all hobbyists investing only the very necessary money to the project (tools, servers, etc.), we can't offer to pay you at the moment. Our dream is to make games through and with this project, we want to create for us well-paid jobs in the game industry. We can offer a post-launch compensation, premium game content for free and maybe, in a coumple of years, your dream job as well.

Do you think you could help us? Please e-mail me. Can't wait to hear from you.

Miroslav Kašpar
project coordinator