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Junior Member
Hi All,

Just thought I would post a quick hello and intro!

My name's Ian and I'm a freelance photographer/graphic designer working in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been working on magazine layouts and adverts for the last 5 years and now that I'm freelance I'm getting more of a variety of design work, so I think this forum will be a great place for me to ask the experts :) I also hope I can add something back if I can :)

My website is Ian Monk Photography but I don't really have a site for my design stuff. I'll have to open a deviantArt account or something soon!



Active Member
Welcome to DF Ian!

Just echoing everyone else's comments, great photography work on your site, on a slightly off-topic note I'd maybe slow the slideshow down a touch, just a second more on each one so you can focus on it a bit more, I wanted to see each one for a fraction longer! :D

Look forward to hearing more from you.