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Hello everyone !
I'm Allie, and I'm a 17 years old free-lance graphic designer from France.
I speak fluently french, german and english, but I still make some mistakes in english :/
I love design since I'm a little child. I have always paid attention to designs of packaging, of flyers, and so one. (Gosh, I'm not good at introducing myself^^)
I've done a few creations for clients already (flyers for partys and CD covers). But most of my work is personal.
My favorite graphic designers are Geoffrey Dorne, Jonathan Menet, Joey Ellis, Igor Duibanov, and some other. I think my mum gave me this "love for design", since she is a Graphic Designer and photographer too.

Some other facts about me :
• I'm a photographer too.
• I love music. Especially Dubstep (Borgore, The Glitch Mob, Modestep, etc.), Rock (Muse, Queen, MCR), Classic (Bach, Scarlatti, Chopin) and some other bands (Cocoon, CocoRosie, etc.)
• I'm a cinema lover. Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Memento, Inception, Bright Star, Midnight in Paris, Dogma, and more than 300 other films.
• Ask me ;)

Contact :
• Behance
• Google +
• Photography
• Facebook
• Dribbble


Welcome to the forum. It's nice to be able to see some examples from new members for once!


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I think that your photography work needs more planning. The models (are you one of them?)
look very camera conscious, for example. You have to avoid that, if you want some good results.
I suggest you ask some friends you really get on well with to agree to be photographed
without them knowing exactly when. Let's say at a dinner party. You'll be around them playing
with your camera and they'll have to ignore you. Try to pick up the best moods of the evening;
those that convey the positive feelings you share with them.

My two cents.


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@Webian : well, I do more shoots than party and event photos. Yes, I'm the model, but only when my friends aren't available. I prefere to work with models (actually, just my best friends, but I've planned a bigger shoot with a photogragrapher friend.)
But youre idea is good, I will think about it.

@ Tom Sound : Thank you :) My chapka, I love it ^^


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Here it looks to me as if you are thinking about the camera while you are
looking at your hand.

With the experiment I am suggesting you to try (note: it doesn't have to be
a party. It could be everything you do with your friends) your friends at some point
will forget about the presence of a camera around them, and their
body language will become more natural. Spontaneity is very important in

@ Tom Sound
I was impressed too by her introduction.


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Oh, yes, I see what you mean. (But that was not me, actually it was my cousine ^^)
But you're right, a photo is better if the model don't "pose" too much. (you know what I mean? )

And some trailers of the 300? Of course :)

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUXWAEX2jlg"]Fight Club[/ame]
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdKbNuhXWvQ"]Donnie Darko[/ame]
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atLg2wQQxvU"]Midnight in Paris[/ame]

Ask me if you want some more films, it would be a plaisure for me to show people good films ^^
(there are some more :D Other films )


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Allie said:
Oh, yes, I see what you mean. (But that was not me, actually it was my cousine ^^)
But you're right, a photo is better if the model don't "pose" too much. (you know what I mean? )
If the other model is you, you are definitely more confident with the camera.
Still, it feels a bit as if you are conversing with the camera instead of conversing with
your audience. Try to do the contrary.

Allie said:
And some trailers of the 300? Of course :)
I love the atmosphere of Midnight In Paris, and I've always thought that
Woody Allen is a great director. Definitely a 'must see'. Congratulations girl!

Allie said:
Ask me if you want some more films, it would be a plaisure for me to show people good films ^^
(there are some more :D Other films )
I will. Thanks. Speak soon!!


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Well, there is my best friend, who is my other model : Sarah
And those pictures are only with me : Allie
Okay, I will do my best :)

Oh yes, Midnight in Paris is such a great movie. And you're right, Woody Allen is a very good director.
Another great movie is Bright Star. It's about the life of the poet John Keats.
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCMazBZ3bcM"]Bright Star Trailer[/ame]


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Oh I see! I looked at the pictures of Sarah thinking that she was Allie (you).
In this case, what I said before applies to Sarah. You don't seem to be aware of
the presence of the camera at all. Well done!

Did you use a tripod to take them? Or ask someone to photograph you?

I do like Bright Star.

Recently I watched again Amelie. The first time it was the new must-see film;
now I think it could be somehow an example of brand; something that conveys
the idea of France. Do you think it reflects French style in a satisfactory way?

[YOUTUBE] [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjesjbEQpqM"]Amélie (2001) - You're so cool - YouTube[/ame] [/YOUTUBE]


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Yes, Sarah is a very good model. What I love is that she is a good actress too, so she can "play" and pose for many different roles...
Thank you ^^ Yes, I like to be in front of a camera, or people, an audience, etc. I don't like to be in the crowd, but to be "over", you know what I mean?
I use a tripod. I use it for many other pictures, since I've read in a a Scott Kelby's book that it's the secret for sharp pictures :)
Amelie is a really good film, I've seen it a few years ago. Well, as a french, I can say you that it's not really how we french are, but more clichée... Some parisian are this way. But, yes, in some kind it reflects the way we are in France.
Of course, like in many other countries, there are many different sort of people. Like, american films will not show how all american are, am I right? ^^
I'm more the french Bobo (bourgeois bohème) than the romantic little parisian Amélie. Bobo are the "new upper class" (even if I'm not that upper-class). We love beeing in museum, we are "arty-people", we are especially left-wing-politic oriented, we car a lot about environnement, culture and art.