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Alistair's Introduction!


My name is Alistair! I am 17 and from Cambridgeshire. I am currently taking the Graphic Design: Level 3 at college. I would say I am very determined to make my future successful and will go to great extents to achieve it.

I found the forums simply through Google and thought it was the best way to start my possible career properly. After looking about the forums, I have found many amazing threads of which can help me, from advertising services to tutorials.

A lot of people would turn me down as a designer mainly because of my age, but as plenty of people on here have found out... Age doesn't really matter. You just need to have the skills, dedication and passion for it.

So far, I have not made a single penny through graphic design, but I hope for that to change. I have only recently made a Behance portfolio, it can be found HERE. I would love to get opinions on my work and how you think I could improve and even if my work is worth anything. You'll see a lot of social media graphics in my small-ish portfolio mainly because that's what I used to do. All my work so far has been done for free. I have become more aware of the money that could possibly be made from this and although I'm not fussed about money... It would be nice to make some pocket money...

Personal Interests - Cars. Leicester City FC. Art

So... That's me! I really hope to become a great asset to this community and hopefully I'll see you guys around the forums. Thanks!
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