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...im rossnorthernunion.

Im a senior designer for a large Newcastle based agency, and also run my own little freelancing studio gig on the side in Sunderland.



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Hey Ross,

Welcome to Design Forums, afternoon... planning on a late one working this evening? Or has it just been an extremely long day for me?!

We have a few members from Sunderland now, quite the creative quarter! :)

Look forward to hearing more from you.
Nah - just didnt want to start off by saying Nighty Nighty People - sounds a bit too Michael Jackson for my liking.

Yeah Sunderland - its a creative place alright - less of the quater - at least a half.


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Fair enough! 'Nighty Nighty' sounds a bit more 1950's holiday camp than MJ! :D

Good to see a nice positive mental attitude, after all, the creative area is always half full, not half empty. Really like the Gold Fysh and Willow Fields logos on your site, are you able to reveal which agency in Newcastle you work for?




Welcome to the site. I've come across your work a few times, you've got some really nice stuff on the site.

Out of interest what company are you working for in Newcastle?


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rossnorthernunion said:
No its not FPP i'm afraid.
I work at Blumilk.

Damn my powers of deduction must be dwindling with the cold weather.

With the 'beard' and trainers thought it had to be the 'Ross' from FPP