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My name is Katarina.
And I’m writing with not very usual question.
The deal is that looking for a way to make a video - story of my life - to take a project for the recovery after fracture of the skull and several medical mistakes.
I’m absolutely alone in this time.
I’m trying to find a designer in Russia.
But they didn’t listening.
Don’t understand how difficult is it to try to do what I’m trying to do.
And I need help. Advice.
I need to mount a video. I’ve got music. Story. And photo archive.
With good photos.
I was 31 when it was happened and I was software architect, spoke 4 languages fluently. Sing and write.

Made photos. Traveling.

Then - 1 year of coma, and all from the beginning.
Lost voice, memories. Everything.

And now, in 7 days later I’ll have a birthday - 34. And I want to take thus project.

Because I’ve got very good story of life - self made. And destroyed with several people- doctors.

I know how to start again after fracture of the spine.
I know how to take a credit and go out from the small city you was born to take your dream - to see the world and became someone.

And now…
I’m really looking for the help.
I understand that it’s a little bit crazy to look for the help like this.

But I’m alone now.

And trying.
looking for all the opportunities. To try to back my own life even if everybody talks that I have to forget.

It’s have to be 3 minutes video.
With the main message:
Possible-impossible- just two characters.
I don’t know - will you answer or not.
But thanks for reading anyway.

Best regards, Katarina.