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Advice required on logo design companies


I’m looking for some important and reliable advice, if possible.

I’ve been looking for well reputed logo designing companies, but I’ve no idea, if they are reputed, trusted or not. I’ve a good business of computer hardware, hence I look for an unique logo design. I look for the logo designers must be experienced and knowledgeable, so I am very confused right now. So if anyone has any recommendation, put the answer here.


Staff member
Hi Sofia,

Welcome to GDF.

I think a lot depends how you'd like to work with your designer really.
If you're wanting someone that you can talk face to face with then I'd (obviously) start looking local and doing a google search for "logo, branding, identity" in your area.

The other option is to broaden your outlook via the internet but then that get's a little more risky.
There are the obvious larger companies but you will be paying top dollar and that doesn't mean you are going to be getting a better job than using an independent freelancer who you could work with much more closely.

There are some VERY good designers on here who I'm sure could help you but as this is an open forum I do advise an element of desecration.
We get a lot of "single posters" offering "I give you really good logo for £5" so please be aware of that and be cautious of anyone offering a very cheap service.
If anyone PM's you just have a look at their post count to make sure they're a regular contributor.

When You've found some that may work, have a look at their portfolios to see what they've done for others.
Is the quality what you're looking for there? Is their style something that would fit with the image you want to portray? Do they seem professional? Have they any testimonials?

Sorry if I've been a little brief but I'm sure someone else will step in with more advice or even to offer their service.
Don't be afraid to ask anything here. People will help where they can. :D

Edit. just another thought that may help. If you search on the net for "How to hire a designer" it should pull up a few articles that'd give you a bit of advice and an overview rather than me whittering on.