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Advice Please!


New Member
Hello everyone, this is my first post!

I'm starting a website with little doodles on it, very much like the work of Edward Monkton.

you can have a look here: jordanfirth.tk

Look in the 'Practice Album' page.

I'm concerned that the drawings look too faded, and 'too much' like just little doodles on paper.

Does anyone have any advice on what pens and paper to use to get an altogether better quality picture to upload onto the computer?

(Also let me know what you think of the drawings)

Thanks :)


Senior Member
Glad you got some good tips Firthi. Be careful though with your work; you say Edward Monkton is your inspiration but there is a fine line between being inspired and copying his style. At the moment your stuff looks VERY similar to the style and layout and tone of Edward Monktons work. Just be yourself!


New Member
Yeah, as I say my style is similar to Edward Monkton. Not out of choice, it's just how I draw.
But I do understand where you're coming from and I've had it pointed out to me before.
I've got some more pictures to put on and I've started to develop my own style of humour and drawings and such.

I appreciate the advice :)
I use Uni Pin fine liners for drawing but sometimes if I've drawn in pencil first, then go over with the liners and rub out the pencil lines I get the sort of effect like in your scans, the lines just seem really faded and not great. I tend to use a 0.1 now for the initial line then go over once I've rubbed away pencil marks, and go over with a thicker pen.

Obviously all of the Photoshop shouts up there help too :)


Well-Known Member
Lol, yeah you do.
A bloke at work once said the P and the C so quickly it sounded like he said "Pissy World", made me chuckle.
I can't offer you much in the way of advice on scanning... you should see the monstrosity I have to work with!

But! I just wanted to tell you I think your doodles are brilliant : ) and genuinely made me laugh, thankyou!

Peace, Harri