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Advice on Expanding to Different Countries

I currently run a firm here in the US and we're experiencing a horrible economic meltdown at the moment which is causing a lot of issues with landing clients with actual money to spend. We get by just fine but everyone is slashing their budgets by about 30 - 50%.

How is the demand for work in other English speaking countries such as the UK? Are these problems at the same scale worldwide?

Just trying to get advice on whether now is the time to start trying to expand our client-base to other countries for diversity.


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Yes I'd probably say the UK is as affected as USA is by the downturn, UK economy seems to be a few months behind USA. Who si your typical client? Is there any opportunity to try and diversify your client base?
We've been trying to diversify in the U.S. We started mostly with tech startups but have slowly expanded into the music/entertainment industry and education.

Sorry to hear it's happening everywhere :( Maybe I can learn Mandarin, lol.
Its happening everywhere.

Theres a couple of agencies up north gone under and several others going part time.

And one or two underpricing themselves so low its beyond a joke.

It'll be ok tho - old Gordon is just printing more cash - great. Hyperinflation anyone?