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Advice on a new trading name

Hi all

I'm on the brink of setting up as a sole trader and need impartial advice on choosing a trading name...

I have been using my name plus '~ Graphic Designer' as a freelancing name for a year or two when it was a bit of work on the side. Now it's all going official and I'm setting up my own business I'm having difficulty deciding whether this is the right name to continue with: 'Lee Paul Vickers Design' or 'Lee Paul Vickers Graphic Design'.

On the plus side having my full name in the business name reflects my personal approach to design, working bespoke with each client which I take a lot of pride in. I don't want to appear to be bigger than I am, and want to attract clients that want to work with a very small, dedicated company.

On the flip side it's a bit of a mouthful, and not very original.

What are the forum's thoughts on using real names in business names?

Yours indecisively, Lee


Senior Member
You have a "good name"
definitely use it :) (it's not Dave Smith for example)
however I agree
Lee Paul Vickers Graphic Design is a bit long
I'd suggest Lee Paul Vickers Design, or just Lee Paul Vickers (in a similar manner to Elliot Jay Stocks :)
Thanks Renniks!

I read the other posts regarding trading names before posting to gauge consensus, and feel my gut is right. Just want to make absolutely sure before getting that business bank account.

EJS has kinda built up a nice little empire for himself and feel that I'm at the wetter end of my career, therefore the descriptor will help people understand what I do! However, a quick Google reveals that there aren't too many people out there with my full name, one reason for using it.

BTW I'm not looking for suggestions, just opinions on using names!
I'm stuck in the same dilemma, now that I plan on setting up a little blog and folio site.
I can't decide if I should brand it under my own name, nickname, or something totally different.

My surname isn't the most 'accessible' as I constantly get misspellings and such, so I'd definitely use a 'trading' name.

I quite like LPV Design or Vickers Creative… anyway sounds like you've settled your mind! It's good that it's unique and a pretty memorable sounding name too!
Ah, I had thought of Mr Vickers Design, as people quite often use this formal greeting for some bizarre reason.

Maybe I look like a real gentleman!

Is your surname Cuatroochoo? How about splitting it up: Cua Troo Cho.
Hehe no it's much more domestic than that!

Cuatro Ocho - my favourite number!

Mr Vickers!!! Like that! Could do a nice little character based presentation for your materials! A little Mr Vickers sprite!


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I personally prefer, Lee Paul Vickers.
I think Mr.Vickers sounds a bit like a geography/history teacher so could run the risk of coming across a bit condescending? However, I guess that would depend more on the logo itself.

Lee Paul Vickers has a good sound to it, I think having the three names, whether that's a middle name or double barrelled, gives a good impression (not sure why?).

I've always worked under my own name, Greg Findley, and traded as GregFindley.com, have considered changing names a number of times, but clients knowing who they will be dealing with is definitely an advantage I think, especially with smaller business clients. Perhaps I should rebrand as NoMiddleName :D
It may be worth thinking longer term. There's a discussion on here about becoming a limited company. If your business takes off then it's something that you might consider in the future. So how would Lee Paul Vickers Ltd sound? You should check that your chosen name isn't registered on Companies House www.companies-house.gov.uk then webcheck. It's worth doing even if you don't want to incorporate, just to prevent confusion.