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Advice for a beginner

Hey guys,

I've just been given a new project to design 4 x 6 die cut postcards to be used at PartnerCon in San Diego.

I've not done print design before, and all I know is that your design needs to be large. I've got that covered, as my design is resolution independent. I've been told I need to leave a quarter-inch bleed.

Here's the design: http://cl.ly/BDBO

What I'm wondering is, what format would be best for me to send off to the printers, and how would I go about setting out a border to show where the design ends, and the bleed starts.

I'm familiar with InDesign on a 'making nice PDFs' level, but I wouldn't know how to import a vector object onto a new canvas.

Let me know what you guys think, and I'd love to hear your advice. Thank you kindly!



Well-Known Member
What have you designed it in then?
If it's Illustrator then you can save as a pdf with bleed and crop marks - which should be fine.