Adobe Illustrator - Creating a certain number of dots???


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Is it possible to create a certain number of circles/dots in illustrator? I am familiar with the pattern tool and how you can multiply the pattern by a percentage, although what if you need to create a certain amount?
Basically, I need to create precisely (if possible) 676,880,876 dots? Probably sounds crazy but it is for a project at uni. Even if that is too many but there is a way to create any particular amount, it would be amazing if you could let me know!
Its taking me forever to try to count the amount of dots that I have created in a pattern, so I would really appreciate it, if there were a quicker way of doing this.
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Square root of 676 = 26

Draw a small circle on left side of canvas.

Duplicate it to the right side of canvas

Object>Blend Options

Specified Steps - 26

Object>Blend>Make Blend

If the circles are overlapping increase your canvas - and use the direct select tool to move stretch the line out, the circles will space evenly.

Duplicate this to the bottom of canvas

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Object>Blend>Make Blend

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