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Adobe for VR?

I just tried the HTC Vive and the Tilt Brush a week ago and I was surprised by what you can already do with it to design in VR.

I'm on a team of students that are working on a project to figure out what design tools to make for VR, and we thought about making collaboration possible in the VR space. We also thought about how it would be to take Adobe softwares and bring them into VR.

What would you guys imagine to use in VR to design? What do you think is limited or difficult about design currently that could be fixed in VR? How would you imagine Adobe being used in VR?

Paul Murray

Staff member
I'd like to see a way to work more like the older pre-digital method of design though, i.e. positioning and scaling elements with your hands rather than a peripheral. Paula Scher said in an interview once that she always imagined designing on a computer would be more like using an interactive lightbox and that the use of a mouse and keyboard is something of a step back from what she was taught. I actually think she's right, using your hands would be much more intuitive.