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Adobe Dig @ Apple!!


Staff member
actually I can fully see their point (without reading article) about how can it be the ultimate browsing experience if you cant view sites which use flash.

I can understand flash on a phone, even though windows mobile and symbian (I think) can support it now, android and palm pre/pixie will support it soon, but for some reason apple doesn't want to have flash on the iPad even though its got a dual core processor (2x1Ghz Arm 8 cores - as used in iphone but single core and slower clock speed). Adobe have even gone out of their way to improve the arm version of their flash software.

I would put money on Apple being awkward is due to one thing - itunes and its selling of media, there are so many flash alternatives (think hulu, netflix, crunchyroll etc) which can compete with their store. You tube isn't really a competitor (although it might change if they do proper movies etc)

Now I know all you mac fans are going to say flash is crap on os-x, it's not brilliant on windows either but it is part of the web browsing experience and as such nothing can be called the ultimate web browsing experience if it can not cover all aspects of web browsing.


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I linked to this article in the other topic, along with 5 or 6 other iPad hate posts :p
I thought this was clever too.


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Just got to send everyone whos on IM on an iPad links to sites they can't view because of flash... and also have to shut down their IM to view the page that they can't see!