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Ad Space For Sale...

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may know that I run a Web Designer Help site, I did have google ads running on the site and they did ok, but I decided that they cheapen the look of the site and have decided that I should source my own ads. So I thought I would start with a special offer as of today you can have your 125x125 px ad on every page of the website in the sidebar for only £25 the ad will stay in place for 74 days (Until January 1st 2009) and then I will be starting to charge monthly.

That works out at less than 34p a day to advertise!

Ok so a little about the site traffic, since the start of October we are getting an average of 33 unique visitors to site each day and around 10 returning visitors, this over a 300% increase from the average of 10 unique visitors with 2 returning visitors each day in September. I am not going to lie and say we will continue to increase 300% a month but I don’t see it slowing down as we publish at least 2 articles every week.

So if your interested in advertising on the site then PM me or email thomas@thomashardy.me.uk

Thomas Hardy

We only have 4 ad spots available so be quick it will work on a first come first served basis.


Active Member
Hi Thomas,

The Advertising & Marketing forum is for business discussion on how to effectively market your own design business, not for direct advertising as such. I've moved your post here to Off-Topic for now, and will give it some further thought about where this topic would best fit in the future.