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Accounting software suggestions for Mac

I'm in the market for some spangly new accounting software - the usual expense tracking, bill paying, auto backup etc.

I currently use Billings to track time and cost as freelancer.

QuickBooks loks affordable and endorsed by Apple on their Business Solutions page...


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Hi Lee,

We've had a few threads on account/invoice software previously:

To add to that, I still use QuickBooks SimpleStart (on PC) it's got some really handy features, although customising the invoice template is a bit of a pain, and I still haven't got it quite how I'd like it in an ideal world.

I checked out the Design Forums re. accounting and there's been some lightweight discussion, with 'Billings' and 'Free Agent' getting some mentions.. It would be great if anyone could point us in the direction of some more in-depth rooting around!