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I already saw some of those features on a different commented gameplay trailer. They forgot to add that you can disarm enemies and use their weapons against them. There is a special flying device, but I think you can only use that once. Guards AI has been improved drastically, safe spots are now not completely safe, gaurds can investigate them and possibly stick their sword inside your hiding spot and hurt you. ;)

And you can also swim now, while Altaïr for some reason died on contact with water :p

It all sounds, and looks, very promising.


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That's not the one I saw, I downloaded it on my PS3 and it was by a Ubisoft official at the E3 gaming convention. The one you showed doesn't show the offensive gaurds ;)

And also, when you kill a major target, the world around you used to fade away (and time like kind of froze or something...) but now it shatters into pieces and falls apart :lol:

I just lent AC as I had never played it, its pretty good, get pretty repetative though. I cantwait to see the new one though. I was not impressed with the Fifa 10 demo today. Not alot different
I'm a sucker for special editions for I have a lovely Altair statue stood on my shelf. Black Edition Ezio will be joining him soon :)

However GH5 for now, woo :D
I had AC for a bit, as glenwheeler said 'get pretty repetative though', I made it to the 3rd city (jerusalem?) then didn't play it again. I have wasted a lot of time on oblivion though with no intents or purposes. Far too much time.