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About me


Junior Member
Hi, my name's Baris, a big hello to everyone at Design Forums.

It's been a while since I've subscribed to any forum or participated in any online discussion groups!

So why am I here? Design has been a hobby of mine for years but I had never considered myself as a designer. I was working as an Admin Assistant in a city based company when they needed someone to design a flyer urgently. I saw the brief, knew I could handle it, so took the responsibility. That was my first design 'job' and I eventually left my role as Admin Assistant for that company to become a self-employed freelancer, (with my old company as one of my main clients).

I've been developing my skill-set (and client base) gradually ever since - usually spending the initial part of most jobs learning how to do it!

I think the main reason I'm here is because I'm at a cross-roads. Being self-taught and independent has got me so far and I've been wondering what the best way is for me to progress. I have some ideas but nothing concrete - I'm hoping for some kind of guidance, direct or indirect.

Well, that's my story, that's my introduction. Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to future discussions with you all!