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£600,000 to rebrand London


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The Mayor of London's office wants to rebrand London and is inviting agencies to tender to create the new image.

Mayor Boris Johnson and his team have allocated a budget of £600,000 to create a new logo and identity for the city ahead of the 2012 Olympics, and want to have this in place by next spring.

The Mayor’s office is inviting agencies to tender for four contracts related to the new identity: designing the logo; brand activation, which could include advertising and experiential activity; tracking; and evaluation and events.

Read the full story over at Brand Republic:
Mayor Boris Johnson hunts agencies to rebrand London - Design News - Brand Republic


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Um I don't think that image is the rebrand just an image to associate to the tender.

Anyone up for a designforum tender :)


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No logo is worth £600,000 - Paying that just means your dealing with a pretend design agency who are more worried about paperwork than design work.


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its not just a logo, its a complete marketting brief, you have to 'launch' the new brand too so things like adverts etc need doing too.


The biggest threat to this cities destruction Peter Mandleson, shortly followed by E-coli.