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A2 Level Specifications Needed - Please Reply!

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Hi everyone,
For my A2 level work I have been tasked with generating and producing a design that is 'clearly recognisable to a past historical design movement.' The design movement I have decided to focus on is Alessi.

I require your feedback as to what area you would like to see an Alessi inspired product designd for other than food and drink utensils, for example - garden products, bathroom products, etc..

Additionaly, it would be appreciated if you could list down any specifications you feel are a MUST for an Alessi design aswell as what specifications are just desirables.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as it will allow me to create a client profile and a specification list for my product.

Many thanks,
Matt Hales
Brimsham Green Sixth Form


Active Member
Yo Matt,
Just out of curiosity, isn't that something you are meant to come up with for your A2's?
It may have changed since when I did it otherwise. :D


Staff member
Jaz, didn't you know that thinking for yourself and doing the research before asking the question is no longer a requirement for A levels....

Alessi is originally a brand for a kitchen utensils company who have since expanded into other areas.
They employ external designers to design their products so they like to be referred to as a design factory, they are NOT a design movement. Surprised your tutor didn't mention this as it's quite an obvious thing to get wrong, hell most of this is on the Alessi website :eek:

The brand Alessi includes work by designers like Philippe Starck who is a well known designer in his own right.

Therefore the question up top can't be answered as it's not valid. :rolleyes:

For reference: A design movement is something like Art Deco and Art Nouveau - which were the inspiration for much of Alessi's earlier design work