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A Tribute to Muse

Because of Muse being one of my favorite bands of all time I decided that in my free time I would create a tribute to them. In this little collage (sort to speak) I used all of their album covers and some of the singles to piece this together. It took some time trying to figure out how to incorporate all of them but it turned out quite nicely for me. So, anyways here it is. A tribute to Muse.

Can you name all the references?


Senior Member
Well the one reference I can definitely pick out is their album cover :p
Other than that I don't really see much in it and I think that's why it seems overcrowded to me.

I like what you did (especially the faces, although I don't see a reference) but for me, the muse-noob, you could've left off the antennas (?) and clouds and planets.

And just a quick pointer: shadows tend to be a bit blurry ;)


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Let me see.....
The floating body/shadow things are from the 'Absolution' album
The red landscape is from 'Black holes and revelations'
The outside is from the latest album 'the resistance'
Antennas are from 'origins of symmetry'

I can spot the rest but will leave the others for someone else, don't want to completely kill the thread.
This did turn out well tbh, i quite like it. Especially how you have pieced each album cover together.

Keep it up!
Looks like the quality on the image isn't the best?
The edges look kind of blurry.
In general I think it's hard to make it look good when you mix all the different styles from their album covers. Looks a little weird.

However, I like Muse, so I cannot be too harsh about this :)

(I've seen them 2 times live and I'm going for the 3rd at this years Roskilde Festival!)