A tale of 2 logos


Not much of a tale really, just some logos I produced.

They needed to convey the uniqueness of the product, the fact its a V shaped bike locker and you can fit 5 lockers into 45 degrees.

Your views would be greatly received.

Thanks in advance.



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Firstly the font doesnt really work, you need something stronger with less curvature to the letters. Secondly I would say in terms of what is to be represented in the logo I would go for the second as it clearly displays this. The only thing is, is this to become a brand? If so it's better to keep away from the logo representing one product if future products are to be different.


Cheers for the input Ben. I'll have a look at some stronger fonts and see how they work.

Its only going to be one product, that's already out there.


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