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A stupid idea...


Senior Member
I have been joking with one of my friends about politically incorrect celebrity endorsed products, and I think it could be alot of fun to rather than just joke about it, make a branding for some of the ideas!

So far we have:

Jim Davidson's Jam

Bernard Manning's Butter

I open the floor to warped suggestions!


Senior Member
Ron Atkinson Lazy Brown BBQ Sauce

Gary Glitter's new range of Thai food?

Krispy Klan Kreams

Ryan Giggs' condoms

Jeremy Clarkson's no-win, no-fee court injunctions...

The Peter Andre Talent Agency

Michael jackson's Day Care Center.

The Arnold Schwarzanegger family planning clinic

These are all off my facebook.

Greg/mod, if you want to move this away from googles prying eyes, I wouldn't be offend as it is potentially very offensive!