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A quick intro


Junior Member
Seems like an appropriate place to introduce myself...

To give you a bit more detail, I am unfortunately not creatively gifted as most of this community obviously is. I'm the Technical Director of a company called 9xb, which is a small/medium sized digital agency based in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Although not creative myself, I do work with creatives and I also have a big hand in recruiting designers to work with 9xb.

A bit selfish, my initial reason for coming to the forum is to advertise a position we currently have at 9xb for a Digital Designer/Front-end Web Developer. I will be posting more details in the Design Jobs and Recruitment forum. I found out about this forum through some of the guys we already have working at 9xb, and can see it's full of passionate and talented individuals. Hence it seems the ideal place to post a job advert for the role!

Anyway, thanks for listening. I'm looking forward to spending a little more time around here...