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A new direction


This is the type of work I normally create

But I want to create more contemporary designs, I'm working on one now and would like to hear what your thoughts are:



Senior Member
2nd from bottom in the mid i like, maybe with out the opacity tho. the ones on the left you cant relly tell what the cut outs in the b are and in the right ones it says "baby its" to me. what is baby bits?

Welcome to the forum.

I 'm not sure about how clear the design is.
Top left is my fav so far.
I like your illustration work mind.
Any more....


Senior Member
top left and bottom right i like, maybe the hand looks a bit like a paw tho, perhaps the other hand?? the lower middle ones dont do it for me personally, im asuming baby bits is just stuff for babies and its aimed at expecting mothers? thats what i get from those logos. if its not just for expecting mothers, the upper middle ones could work if you made it look more like the baby was being cradled? i would keep the curve of the B and imo the 'bits' in the hand writing makes me think toddler more than baby.i would stick with the other font.

Bottom right from the second set of images.

Very clever use of imagery and typography.

You have to look at it for a few seconds before realising the B is used for both words 'Baby' and Bits' but that's exactly what I love about it, logo's shouldn't be easy to read straight away, it's good to make people work for it a bit before they realise what it is.

Good work.