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A Matter of Preference...

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by tezdread, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. tezdread

    tezdread Member


    Quick question.

    When viewing \ reading content on the web do you prefer dark bg with light text or dark text with a light background?
  2. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Light background with dark text for me.
  3. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Light background/dark text also
  4. theumut

    theumut New Member

    Dark text light bg
  5. Ryuren

    Ryuren New Member

    Yeah same, Ligh background, Dark text, it's more user friendly.

    Some people have bad reactions to dark backgrounds mixed with dark text, such as black background with dark blue text, it can damage their eyes and even cause fits, not making that up at all, can't link any articles either but it's 100% true, although I'm sure the number of people that suffer from this is unknown.:icon_smile:
  6. It really comes down to who the site will be marketing to. Consumer targeted sites often use light sites with clear, darker text and specialist industries will often use darker sites as in the design world, rich blacks often mean "stylish".
  7. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure it is a matter of preference: dark text on a light background is demonstrably better in terms of legibility.
  8. tezdread

    tezdread Member

    After looking into this a little bit there has been a lot of professionally research that's already been carried out and on screen, the only time a dark bg with light txt is seen as a good thing is for the visually impaired (partial blindness)

    I guess if ones preference is to have a dark background (I've seen a lot of game related sites that do) it would be best not to...
  9. kovah

    kovah New Member

    dark bg with light text. the white burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrns my eyes. I'm considering making a group so facebook makes a dark UI
  10. Light background with dark text for most sites...

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