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A good advertising Method?


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Hi Guys,

I recently purchased a new game for my Xbox360 (Forza Motorsport 3) As most of you guys know am abit of a F1 Addict and when it comes to track racing well, am pretty much addicted too! We'll tonight I put an hour or so into action by advertising my up and coming website f1creative.

As I am pretty much spending 15 hours or more a day at the PC I thought I would have a break and play some online gaming. I fired up Forza 3 and had an idea. The game allows you to create shapes and believe me there are some very very creative body works out there for this game, people spend hours on them, I'll have to try and post them up to show you guys, theres some dead creative stuff going on in the game!

Anyway back to my point, Xbox Live host's millions of players online and thousands who play Forza 3 so I thought why not create something sharpe that could be really effective (A shame I cant collect data to see where people got my URL from anyway this is what I did, it appears on both sides of the car. I hope a lot of people will see it and maybe drop in to view the site!



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Not the clearest of views there, especially while going fast it would be quite awkward to really read.

Does forza do what halo did with freeze frames & backtracking through whole races (rounds in halo)

And does it scan past the cars (side view) before the race?

Really like it otherwise :) just feel it could be wasted effort :(


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Hey mate

yeh it has the reverse feature and when they line up on the grid it shows a close up side view. It's all good for when people spectate the races I guess, say when someone joins session and the race has already started + it's a free method I guess.. Other than paying the years Xbox live subscription. Looks wicked on my new Enzo and Mclaren


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PSN? HAHA! Br3n,,,It Sounds just as bad as the trophies you guys all win on PS3 :down: And yeah there's a side view at the line up mate and also when a spector is in game they have a 360 degree camera following the car.